Take up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge

All over Queensland, in our communities, schools, sporting clubs and workplaces people are taking up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge to put an end to domestic and family violence. Everyone can play a role in changing the culture and attitudes that underpin violence in the community.

During Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May, visit www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever to see what others are doing and to share how you’re taking up the challenge. 

USQ provides support to staff affected by domestic and family violence and is currently implementing White Ribbon workplace accreditation. As part of their commitment to raising awareness about domestic and family violence in the community, USQ is also working with local Catholic schools and the ‘Star-weaving fairies’ group to weave 10,000 stars for display at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

To see more films from the Not Now, Not Ever challenge go to website http://www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever


We have 1,700 staff at USQ, and I think that as a workplace we have an important role in having conversations with our staff, so that they then take those conversations home.

One of the biggest initiatives that we've got going at the moment is the One Million Stars project, where we are weaving 10,000 stars, which will be displayed at 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The display that we have here for 10,000 stars is a collaborative effort between USQ, the Toowoomba Catholic schools, and a local community group called the Star Weaving Fairies.

I think it really comes down to raising awareness and looking at people reflecting as to what they can do to take a stand.

It's to promote a culture through USQ that, even though there might not be a situation, you just never know if it would occur; to have our supervisors and managers aware of the process and the policies that can support staff through the process of being able to survive through these situations.

USQ is passionate about increasing awareness of domestic and family violence, and making sure that we reach as many people as we can. It's about knowing that the support structures are there, knowing that our employees feel like they can be supported through this process, knowing that if they're facing adversity that they have somewhere to turn to, someone to turn to.

And I think that that's what's really important.

Well, we hope the university, with this campaign and becoming a white-ribbon accredited workplace, will be able to assist in changing behaviours and attitudes.

We believe that we will be able to make a contribution as we raise the profile of the issues.

Studies show that domestic and family violence is heavily connected to gender equity, and therefore if we are building an awareness around the value of respect, we are creating an equal platform for all of our employees, demonstrating that those healthy relationships need to grow on the basis of inclusion and respect for everyone.

It's educating USQ and creating a culture that violence is not acceptable, whether it's to males or females, and that we will not tolerate it.

Not now not ever, in relation to domestic and family violence.

That's a great future aim and ambition to have.


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