If you live in South East Queensland you can choose your electricity retailer. Shopping around could help you get a better deal, but there are a few things you should be aware of before you start.

Watch this short video for some tips on how to go about finding a better deal. 

Want more information?

More help can be found in the "Getting a better energy deal" factsheet on the QCOSS website.

For more tips on comparing plans and managing your energy needs visit the Energy Made Easy website.


Finding a better deal

·         Post man has delivered mail.

·         Two neighbours are collecting their mail.

·         Sally is displeased that they have received their electricity bill.

·         Customer tells Sally that they got a better deal and how they went about it.


How closely have you looked at your electricity account? It’s worth doing.

Here’s how I helped my neighbour Sally find a better deal. She said:



I just got my electricity bill! It’s more than I was expecting!



So I told her: We’ve just switched to a better deal.



How did you do that?



There are some better deals available, you just have to look .


A bill usually shows two prices – a daily service fee and a usage charge.

You might also have a second tariff for hot water or a pool pump. You need to check these prices too.


Once you know how much you are paying, you need to shop around. I used the Energy Made Easy website which compares plans.


When you’re comparing plans, remember to check prices, discounts and conditions.


Some companies apply discounts to the whole bill, others only discount usage. Other plans might only have discounts if you pay EVERY bill on time, or if you pay a particular way.


Plans can have late payment fees, exit fees or credit card fees.


Remember to talk to your current retailer about whether you’re already locked into a plan, when the plan  expires,  whether there is a penalty for switching, and whether they can offer you a better deal.


It’s important to do your research. Only agree to a deal if you understand what is being offered.

However, you have ten days to change your mind.



Thanks so much! I’m going to shop around right now.



There’s a great fact sheet on the QCOSS website that can help you get yourself a better deal.

Go get that deal Sally!


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