Take up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge

All over Queensland, in our communities, schools, sporting clubs and workplaces people are taking up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge to put an end to domestic and family violence. Everyone can play a role in changing the culture and attitudes that underpin violence in the community.

During Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May, visit www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever to see what others are doing and to share how you’re taking up the challenge flagyl medication

QIFVLS is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers a culturally appropriate free legal service, welfare and support, advocacy and community education to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experiencing domestic violence, family violence and/or sexual assault. QIFVLS Cairns received a grant to coordinate a flash mob performance followed by a Candlelight Vigil during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention.

To see more films from the Not Now, Not Ever challenge go to website http://www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever


At QIFVLS, we're supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Queensland to live a life free from domestic and family violence, in every way possible that we can.

We provide free legal services for people who generally may not be able to afford or be able to access those services.

We have a lot of clients who live in remote areas, right up to the tip on Queensland, Cooktown, all of the Aboriginal communities in the area.

We're responsible for going into our delegated communities and doing community awareness activities around the areas of law that the Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service practice.

So, we'll talk about domestic and family violence from a different aspect, not just applying the law.

We'll also talk about healthy and unhealthy behaviours in relationships, and that domestic and family violence isn't a social norm and isn't accepted behaviour.

It is not a tradition within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Our community development facilitate had asked for us to submit some ideas of potential activities for Domestic Violence Prevention Month.

The flashmob was one of them.

So, if there could be a mob, quite a large mob gathered together, promoting the same message - following that, we're going to have some speeches.

We're inviting some key stakeholders who are involved with domestic and family violence in Cairns.

It's just about coming together, being aware of ways that we can support each one another to combat domestic and family violence in Australia.


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