The Emerging Voices project supports a long term program of empowering consumers to have a voice in key policy reforms, collective problem solving, and generating community based ideas and action.

In May 2015 the project brought together a team of young people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences to build capability and confidence around engagement processes, systems thinking, and the current policy context.


Tristian “I bring the voices of experience of Young Indigenous Artists.”

Prue “I want to know how can I reach out and connect with communities in a way that reaches beyond the deep cynicism of farmers for the government.”

Amy “Every person has something personally valuable to not only people immediately around them but the rest of society.” Lisa “I am very inspired to influence positive change and to learn innovative ways to engage.”

Angie “I am passionate about providing an environment that fosters economic resilience, community connections, and better health and wellbeing.”

Amelia “I think my knowledge of legal anthropology will bring an interesting perspective on issues that arise in Australia’s criminal justice system.” Bryony “I am interested in where the rubber hits the road and what policy looks like by the time it’s affecting peoples’ lives.”

Kamania “I am passionate about making the transition of asylum seekers and refugees as smooth as possible when settling into the Australian culture.”

Yasmin “Transformation starts with the individual but has to be implemented by the collective.”

Anne “My education and experience in environmental science gives me a nature based perspective on how we can impact today’s social and environmental challenges.”

Stephanie “I am interested in empowering people through the creation of good policy, support systems and inclusive communities.”

Blaise “I am dedicated to making a difference.”

Tasman “I have profound passions for social justice, youth empowerment, community development, mental health, and gender equality.”

Nick “I believe community policy should be created within a model that is inclusive of community participation.”

Mitchell “I am particularly interested in addressing the foundations of living such as housing, employment, education, access to services etc.”

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