In the Redlands, community groups and the council have partnered to take up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge by delivering stickers and posters with domestic and family violence prevention messages to residents.

See what they’ve done and what you can do to tackle domestic and family violence.


LINDA-ANN: Well the 'Non-violence is Contagious... Give it to Your Friends' project is really getting the message out there because it's saying not in our house, not in our street, not in our neighbourhood.

MAYOR KAREN WILLIAMS: As a leader in the community, I became aware that about four percent of the state's domestic violence orders were coming through our magistrate's courts in both Wynnum and in Cleveland. And so, for that, we decided to pull together some stakeholders, including police and social workers, hospitals, community organisations that could help us put together a funding application and a grant to collect the data to demonstrate to the state that we needed to have some of these services here in our city.

LINDA-ANN: We're working with the Redlands Centre for Women, Soroptimist International Bayside, and also with Zonta for the Bayside region.

KATRINA: We're rolling our our sticker campaign. We've got a management team and a lot of volunteers and I know that they're all very excited about rolling it out, and just kind of being a part of it.

DEB: And hopefully the stickers will end up in their homes, on the fridges - those sorts of things.

EILEEN: Women didn't necessarily know where to go for help. And so the idea came up that if we could get a sticker into every house in the Redlands, then that information was out there. And that was the key point. What I'm hoping is that we get more and more people standing up and speaking out against any form of violence.

LINDA-ANN: Everybody is really keen to get involved and it's really inspiring for us and we can see that shift in the community and we can see people really wanting to do something simple, make a difference, and publicly show that they care.

DEB: The main goal for the campaign that we have running in May is to consolidate the awareness of our local community. That domestic violence is a serious issue here in the Redlands. It's a serious issue everywhere in Australia.

EILEEN: If something is going on in their lives – if they simply walk down the street and that sticker is on a car, if it's on a letterbox, or even on their own fridge. So that that information and that support is going to be right there in from of them.

LINDA-ANN: From being involved in this project, I've learned just how much care and concern there is in the community, and how much of a difference people do want to make.

EILEEN: Bandaids only help the hurt a little bit. What you've got to do is change the course. And so the Not Now, Not Ever - the power of that campaign, of that report, was it's time. It's time to get up and do something positive. And yes, it takes time, but that's the best thing we've got to give. Is our time to make a difference.

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