Members of the Logan Financial Literacy Action Group (FLAG) work together to address the financial literacy issues affecting the Logan community including financial capabilities and knowledge, debt traps and problem gambling.


Initiatives like FLAG are really important because of the community connectedness.

We all know that financial well-being is a huge issue here in Logan particularly with all the organisations around like consumer leases and the payday lenders as well we've recognised through our credit map that it is a substantial issue. The other issue we see as well is just a lack of general knowledge around financial literacy and financial counseling is just so critically important and FLAG plays role in that for professional development for organisations but also for directly for clients I think it's also important to have a collective voice. It's really hard when agencies all work separately but we are all faced with the same issues so if we have a collective action then it makes it much more effective for our families and for community to know what's really happening when groups such as these come together to try and tackle that and build the capacity of the community to make better informed choices and decisions on financial products that they're choosing.

This isn't a talk fest there are three working groups that work together to cohesively come up with action plans to engage community and to work towards our ultimate goals which is like arming all people and community members with financial literacyinformation whatever that looks like.

Success to me would look like people who are making better choices, a community that was empowered and FLAG that is all over the state and all over the country.

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