We speak with representatives from Gailes Community House and Mununjali about their experiences with completing aspects of the HSQF certification and assessment processes.



It was a good experience. You go through waves of different feelings about it. You get hyped up about it, I didn’t get gunho. While actually going at the end of it, it was - I felt, we felt very relieved, but we knew that we put ourselves under a lot of pressure that we didn't have to.

I think having that open communication, if you do have an auditor - we had three. So then after speaking with them, is have those conversations - they really put you what you need to put on the table. I think open communication is probably the best thing.



I would have to say there was many different feelings. There's a level of frustration, definitely a level of frustration.

Articulating to people why it needs to happen - that's probably one level like you know, like I said our committee are volunteer-based, our volunteers that run our programs are obviously volunteer based. Some of them don't have prior knowledge or qualifications, or education in community services. Some people just want to help.

Like I said one aspect is the frustration, but the other aspect is actually, you know, understanding that it's not as overwhelming as it looks. And so it looks a little bit more, I guess, easier to then progresses as an organization.

And it's actually quite funny that the timing of the HSQF coming in. Because when I first started here obviously we were not funded, and so my intent was to make the organization appealing for it to eventually become funded. So the first thing I did is I check the policy and procedures, and I’m like this not standard. Okay this doesn't meet the current standard.

So my first job was making sure that we met the current standard, and made sure that we were - had our approved service provider number. That we had, you know, that we were covered under our charity statuses, and both state and federal. So that was like making sure the organization was in a position where it was actually viable.



We put ourselves under a lot of pressure which we really shouldn't have done.



Well and I think last year we had a lot of external things happen that impacted on us a lot. And that threw our process around HSQF and the audit way out.



But they were quite accommodating – they said okay no worries, what do you need? And that was a real godsend. It was awesome.



Yeah being supported in that way meant a lot. Now that we've come through it, I’d say it was a great experience. It was a good experience, a really good experience.

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