Take up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge

All over Queensland, in our communities, schools, sporting clubs and workplaces people are taking up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge to put an end to domestic and family violence. Everyone can play a role in changing the culture and attitudes that underpin violence in the community.

During Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May, visit www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever to see what others are doing and to share how you’re taking up the challenge linked here

Helem Yumba has taken up the Not Now, Not Ever challenge by using a strength-based approach in providing services and counselling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families at risk of domestic and family violence.

To see more films from the Not Now, Not Ever challenge go to website http://www.qld.gov.au/notnownotever


Helem Yumba as it is now is a standalone entity to focus specifically on violence and trauma within our community.

It's about healing and wellbeing.

It's about accepting that these are the manifestations of the trauma that's been handed down through generations.

It's not minimising domestic and family violence, but it's really looking at causal effects of it, and dealing with it in that broader context, whilst not excusing the behaviour but really trying hard to get that person to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

And we do that by really understanding our traditional ways; our traditional ways of yarning with each other, traditional protocols, understanding that our people want to feel connected.

A lot of the time folks want to change, but wanting to change is not the only thing you can do, you know.

It's a start.

Knowing how to change, changing your behaviour, changing your way you look at your environment, changing the way you look at the world.

Learning how to live differently to what you're used to, what you've brought up with. Not Now Not Ever means to me that it is - enough's enough. The community needs to stand up and say that's it.

We need to change.

We just need to keep the yarns going, the dialogue going.

We need to keep getting that message out there.

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