Communify Qld received $3,000 to produce and promote community education YouTube videos in six languages, including Russian, Mandarin, Amharic, Tigrinya, Farsi and Bengali, all with English subtitles. Six bilingual presenters were recruited to be filmed as they presented information about what is considered to be domestic violence and what services exist in line with the Queensland Government’s Not Now Not Ever campaign and messages. 

Communify Qld hopes the project will bring greater awareness about support and services available to CALD families who are experiencing domestic violence, so that the stigma surrounding domestic violence in many communities can be overcome and people who are suffering in silence can be encouraged to speak up and seek support and services.

This video presents information about domestic and family violence in Mandarin.


This video has been created for women and men from Culturally Diverse backgrounds to increase understanding about domestic violence and support services in Queensland. Communify Qld Multicultural Program produced this video and recognizes the financial contribution of the Queensland Government.

Mandarin transcript

当我的朋友告诉我, 在昆士兰州,是如何定义家庭暴力的时候, 我很惊讶. 因为这跟我所想的,差别很大. 在这里,家庭暴力不仅仅只是肢体方面的冲突. 它也包括了精神方面的威胁, 恐吓,性侵犯, 以及对财务和人身自由的限制.

家庭暴力,不应该是一种关上门来,在家里解决的私事. 它是一种犯罪行为. 而每一个家庭,都有权力,去对抗这一种行为. 哪怕家里面只有一个人是家暴行为的对象, 其他人也一样会被牵连. 如果家庭里有暴力行为的存在, 那对小孩子的成长,影响也是很大的. 在这里,有许多不同的服务可以提供帮助. 比如心理咨询,法律咨询以及提供紧急住所. 你可以到全科医生GP, 社区中心,或者是妇女健康中心寻求帮助. 它们会为您联络相关部门.

如果你遇到家暴问题的话, 您可以拨打家暴热线 1800656463. 如果对自己的英文水平不是很自信的话, 您可以先拨打澳洲免费翻译热线 131450, 然后请翻译员帮您沟通.

我理解,走出这第一步,向外界寻求帮助, 是非常艰难的. 但相信我, 它也是通往平和家庭生活的第一步.

我的朋友认为,家庭暴力不应该是一种不可外扬的家丑. 它是一种社会公害. 我也认同这一观点. 当我们的邻居,或是社区成员告诉我们, 他/她正在经历家庭暴力的时候. 我们应该相信,支持,并且帮助他们. 而我们的社区, 也应该对这一暴力行为, 采取’零容忍’的态度. 相信我, 你不是一个人在战斗.

English transcript

When my friend told me what is considered domestic violence in QLD, I was stunned, things are so different in Australia. I learnt that domestic violence is not just physical violence. It includes threats, insults, sexual assault, and interfering with someone’s personal freedom by keeping them away from their family, friends, or their entitled money.

This abuse is not a private matter to be dealt with by the family. It is a crime and families have the right to be protected against it, even if only one person is subject to the abuse, it still affects others in the family, and that children growing up in abusive families may develop problems themselves.

There are services which can help, by offering counselling, legal advice or emergency accommodation. You can go to a GP, Community Centre of Women’s Health Centre and they can put you in touch with them. 

I learnt that I can call the Domestic Violence Hotline on 1800 811 811. I can also call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50, to help me with the domestic violence hotline, if I am not confident speaking English.

It made me think seeking help can be a difficult step to take, but it’s the first step towards a more peaceful family life. My friend believes we can’t say domestic violence is no one else’s business, it’s a problem affecting the whole society.

I agree with her that when a neighbor or member of our community talks to us about domestic violence, we can help by believing her and offering support. The community can help by speaking out against domestic violence and saying it is unacceptable.

Trust me, you're not the only one fighting this.


Communify Qld would like to thanks to performer: Jing Zhuang

Communify Qld appreciates the collaboration with:

Dr Kate Murray, school of Psychology and Counselling QUT, and

Narges Shokohi-Tehrani, video producer

That made this video possible.

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Communify Qld Multicultural Program produced this video and recognizes the financial contribution of the Queensland Government.

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